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i wish i could turn off my brain

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Playing with Tooth’s feathers is f u n. 

Bg pattern (x)

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Favourite Character Meme - Thor
two colors: red (2/2)
by lckiofasgard, previously known as lokiofasgard

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avengers arena #9

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Hello shitty Ipod Touch camera, I hate you too


shout out to people who reblog my art

it’s like when you doodle something and your mom puts it up on the fridge except it’s the internet

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  1. "Cat did you steal my hair pins" "Meow" "I knew it you little shit"
  2. Sunscreen is a part of my daily make up routine. Hail.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

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just another girl // the killers

drive by your house
nobody’s home
i’m trying to tell myself that i’m better off alone

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Kate Bishop in Hawkeye #16

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